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Ronald in TreeRonald Statue Found Hanging in Tree *external link*
Billings police officers haul a Ronald McDonald statue up a hill after he was found hanging from a tree in Pioneer Park Thursday morning... I see that they love clowns in Montana also... thanks to Eric for this link. [more...]



Sex Offender Clown Busted After Christmas Parade *external link*
A convicted child sex offender was arrested this week after complaints that he dressed up as a clown and inappropriately touched several young girls at a Christmas parade.... [more...]



Local Clown Accused of Charity Scam *external link*
...but Shipman(Minnow the Clown) passed her off as a cancer patient, police said, calling the girl by the name of another child who had actually died from cancer several weeks earlier. On Aug. 12, police said, Shipman went back to the track and told people the girl she had been there with in July had died. A collection was taken up at the speedway, with customers and drivers giving Shipman more than $2,000. Donors thought they were helping the girl's family pay for a headstone and funeral expenses. Police said Shipman kept the money for herself... [more...]



Clown Charged With Molesting Teenage Boy - Allegedly Caught on Hidden Camera *external link*
A star clown for one of the nation's largest traveling circuses is under arrest after being caught on videotape having sex with a teenage boy, police said today. The clown was arrested early Saturday in a home here after allegedly sodomizing a 16-year-old boy. Investigators said the incident was captured on a surveillance camera installed by the boy's father... [more...]



Weary Willie: From Laughter to Murder *external link*
The most famous circus clown of all was Weary Willie, played, successively, by Emmett Kelly, Emmett Kelly, Jr., and Emmett Kelly III. While the first two Kellys brought laughter to millions, the third, said by some to be the best Weary Willie of all, went to prison for murder. [more...]



Errors Undercut Newspaper's Efforts to Keep Credibility
To illustrate a calendar item about National Clown Week, an editor grabbed a clown photo out of a file and didn't check the name. The clown was John Wayne Gacy, a Chicago serial killer of children. To say that readers knew better is an understatement... [more...]



Registered Sex Felon Charged - Man who works as clown accused of molesting girls
Balch Springs police have arrested a registered sex offender - known to many area children as "Sparkie the Clown" - after two girls told police that he molested them... [more...]


Clown group has a sad outing at mall
A security guard at a Madison, WI mall kicked out a group of clowns after shoppers complained that they were being harassed... Clowns aren't pleasant to have around. Dysfunctional adults in ill-fitting clothes and red rubber noses aren't going to find themselves welcome in most places. Anyone who has attended a parade, the circus, or any other unfortunately clown-sanctioned event... [more...]

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