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Everything that I have not personally made within these pages I have either found through public domain or have attached copyright information. If you are a content creator that has found your content on the site and feel I am not paying proper respects to your content, please let me know and I will take the necessary steps to correct the problem. If you should for any reason want me to remove an image that you have copyrighted, feel free to tell me so and it will be done as soon as possible.

While some of the material presented here may seem harsh, please remember that I DO actively filter out quite a lot of extremely offensive (yes, even to me) and violent material (frankly, some of it really freakes me out - these never make it to the page). I do not in any way condone the harm of any person whatsoever and ask that you deal with any fears you may have in a rational, safe manner (like one of those clown punching bags some of us had as children).

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